Phucking Photoshop!

Awesome blog coming soon.

Well – it is here now, but it is naked.  Photoshop and I are having relationship issues that will no doubt be evident by the pictures and stuffs on this blog.

And no, I am not all fancy.  I did not buy photoshop.  I did what all awesome geeks should do – cheat.  Well, it is not cheating exactly, you can download an old version of photoshop (cs2) fo’ friz (for free – when I’m tired I lapse into my gangsta self).

Here is where I got mine:

There is probably a way to do that from the adobe website itself, but I couldn’t find it.

And as a note:  I have tried GIMP – and I am not smart enough to use it.  Why are you rubbing it in? ::sobs::


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