Today was/is National Table Top Day!

To celebrate, I bought a new table top game, the original Munchkin! (there are like 5 million expansions).  My local game store (The Family Game Store in Savage Maryland) was out of ALL the boosters – so the original it is!

We played it twice today with only 2 players (although the game recommends at least 3).  SO FUN!!!  I won both times (evil laugh).

I cannot take credit for the following rules chart – I found it online – but it really explains how the game is played!!


Happy Table Top Day Everyone!



John Green and How Hot Geeky Men Can Make Me Read Whatever They Want.

Due to my recent fascination with the Green Brothers (for the quick reference, see the vlogbrothers channel on youtube), I decided to read John Green’s book The Fault in Our Stars.  

I went to amazon to see if I could find it for my kindle and was met with this option:



(I hope I am not breaching some copy write infringement – I probably am).

So I took this option.  The sexy/handsome/smart/funny/yet-a-bit-serious John Green has apparently written 4 books – I might as well read the beginning of each and decide which I will read first.

I started with the Fault in Our Stars as that is the one he talks about most often (I am guessing it is the newest one out).  I was SHOCKED to discover A) These books are written for “young adults” and B) He writes in first person from the mind of a 16 YEAR OLD GIRL.

Mind blown.  Now there are really no spoilers here since I was only able to read the first 2 chapters.  Since I watch all of hot guy’s youtube videos, I can very easily see him in my minds eye as I am reading this story – and I am at a loss to understand how/why/when/where/huh? he sort-of-pulls-it-off?

The 16 year old girl has cancer, she talks about her period, talks about being attracted to a dude (checking out his body and so forth) – erm.  If I can get past the thought of HIM writing what she is thinking, I think it will be a very good book.  I just pray to the gods of the written word (Lovecraft?…that can’t be right…) that there is not a sex scene.  Please Lovecraft let there NOT be a sex scene.  Adult hot guy as a 16 year old girl’s perspective of having a vagina may just send me over the edge.

That being said, it has all the charm/whit/smart stuffs that you would think it would have.

I have read the beginnings of Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines.  They are both fabulous (they are both first person from a DUDE’S perspective) – more on those in later posts.

I am about to begin the first few chapters of Paper Towns.

I will write more on all these books later.  I will likely read The Fault in Our Stars in its entirety before the others – even though I am the tiniest bit creeped out.

You are still totally hot John Green (praise be his name).

OH, and if you are reading, I totally appreciate the Lebanese character in An Abundance of Katherines!  While my father is actually Palestinian-although-complicatedly-from-Lebanon it is nice to have a random character in a book who is not portrayed as a terrorist of some kind.


Phucking Photoshop!

Awesome blog coming soon.

Well – it is here now, but it is naked.  Photoshop and I are having relationship issues that will no doubt be evident by the pictures and stuffs on this blog.

And no, I am not all fancy.  I did not buy photoshop.  I did what all awesome geeks should do – cheat.  Well, it is not cheating exactly, you can download an old version of photoshop (cs2) fo’ friz (for free – when I’m tired I lapse into my gangsta self).

Here is where I got mine:

There is probably a way to do that from the adobe website itself, but I couldn’t find it.

And as a note:  I have tried GIMP – and I am not smart enough to use it.  Why are you rubbing it in? ::sobs::